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Untitled UI

Untitled UI is the largest and best-selling Figma UI kit and design system in the world. Join 50,000+ designers.


Your perfect starting point for any web app design project. Craft beautiful interfaces with ease.

Snow Dashboard UI Kit

An advanced Dashboard / SaaS UI kit and design system for Figma.

Primer Web

Primer Web is the Figma library of UI components that make the desktop experience for GitHub.

Backstage Design System

Powered by Spotify. Build your own Backstage plugin with this UI kit for Figma.


Collection of UI components in Figma based on the Flowbite Design System.


SocialSizes provides designers with the best sizes to use for Image and Video content on Social Media.

Windows UI 3

The Windows UI Toolkit is a Figma resource for creating experiences on Windows.


Professionally crafted design system in React & Figma for building products of any scale and complexity.

Components UI Kit

Goldman Sachs' collection of reusable components, guided by clear and consistent standards.

Riddle UI

The Ultimate Design System for Modern Web Designers.