The best design education tools and resources for designers.

Improve your workflow with tools and resources recommended by fellow creatives.

Variable Font Course

In this course Arthur Reinders Folmer will learn how to create your own variable font from scratch.

UX Repo

UX Repo helps you deliver value to users with the help of free design resources spanning across both the problem and solution spaces.

UI Collective

Free design system lessons and resources for designers.

Figma Learn Design

Want to get started in design, but don’t know where to begin? These lessons and exercises will help you start immediately.

Framer Youtube

The YouTube channel of Framer.


Live tech bootcamps and online classes to kickstart or accelerate your career.

Shift Nudge

A course absolutely jam-packed with all the best information for creating great visual design for interfaces.

Shopify Learn

Learn how to craft the perfect brand identity for your business with design training from Shopify.

The School of UX

Certified hands-on UX, UI and Content design courses in London and online by senior designers with 15+ years of experience.


A platform for UX design professionals to learn design, build UX skill graph and benchmark yourself to 200K+ designers